iBoto charming Charlie



iBoto charming Charlie – smart and autonomous window cleaning robot

A charming cleaning robot with impressive vertical cleaning skills at an affordable price. An ideal starter option for small windows, mirrors, tiles, and any other smooth objects from 35×35 cm in size.


Key features iBoto charming Charlie

  • One of my main features is the built-in detergent tank and automatic spray system. Yes, now you don’t have to apply cleaner to my microfiber clothes. You just pour the product into the tank, put me on the surface to be cleaned, and I will do the rest myself. I spray the cleanser myself and don’t leave a single streak behind.


  • A powerful vacuum pump allows me to securely fix on vertical surfaces. In addition, you will find a safety cable in the kit. I have complete confidence in my security systems, but sometimes natural disasters are not on my side. Therefore, I recommend that you use a cable every time you start outdoors.


  • To control me, you will find a remote control in the kit. Also, all functions can be configured in a proprietary mobile application.


  • I work from the power cable, but I also have my own power reserve in the form of a capacious battery. Thanks to him, during power outages, I keep the vacuum pump running and patiently stay on the surface, waiting for your rescue for another 30 minutes.


  • Thanks to numerous sensors built into me and a smart system for constructing the optimal route based on artificial intelligence, I am as efficient and independent as possible. I accurately recognize the boundaries of cleaning and consistently drive through every centimeter of space.