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Industrial Robots Welders

The modern robot welder is an engineering marvel. Being human size it can easily lift 200-300 kg of metal parts and move with millimeter precision. It is a compact, powerful, and ultra-precise assistant that can quickly takes your production to the next level. By hiring such an industrial robot, you will forget about what are the salary, staff errors, the human factor, vacation, and sick day’s payments. The robot will continuously perform its work 24 hours a day, without complaining and silently bringing you profit.

Using robots for welding is a profitable and promising solution. At least 20% of all industrial robots are employed in this area. The robot can perform with precision:

  • argon-arc welding (TIG, MIG, MAG);

  • spot welding (RWS);

  • laser welding (LBW).

The price of the robot pays off faster than you might think

Robots save not only your money but also time. As an example, consider laser welding, which is increasingly used in various industries. Robotization allows you to focus the laser on a point with an accuracy of 0.2 mm, while the focusing length can reach 2 meters. Thus, we provide remote welding processes, increased ranges, and growth the productivity of product manufacturing. By modernizing welding equipment and introducing a robotic welding system, entrepreneurs are thereby improving the quality of their products and shortening the cycle time.

In addition, the welding electronic robots can easily do:

cutting of material, including three-dimensional;

  • pipe bending;

  • deburring cleaning;

  • polishing and grinding.

Thus, these industrial robots can perform not only welding but also minor processing of metal parts, edges, and welds.

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