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Industrial Robots and Robotics

The growth of the level of robotization is a process that is rapidly gaining momentum. At the same time, not only the number of industrial robots is increasing, but also new varieties of them appear. To further increase productivity, developers produce highly specialized industrial robots that are capable of thoroughly solving specific production problems.

The main types of factory robots for sale

  • Articulated industrial robots. As a rule, they consist of rotary kinematic pairs and have from 4 to 6 main controlled axes. They often resemble the movements of a human hand. These industrial robots are best suited for welding, milling, and painting complex surfaces. Articulated robots are also often used at pick & place stages. Although some engineers consider it unreasonable to buy these multifunctional robots for such primitive tasks. These robots are usually installed on the floor. Although, if your production requires it, installation can be done on a wall or ceiling. Articulated robots can perform tasks within a radius of several meters and lift heavy loads weighing up to a ton.

  • Cartesian industrial robots. They consist of three main linear control axes, each of which is at right angles to the other two. Considering that such robots can perform only linear movements, it is quite easy to work with them. Such manipulators can move to any point in space, guided by simple trigonometric functions.

  • Delta robots. These are industrial robotics on triangular platforms with three articulated arms. Their feature is the use of parallelograms in the construction of the manipulator, due to which they are perfectly oriented in space. They have minimum inertia, so delta robots can develop a fairly high speed.

  • SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm). These are super modern manipulators with partial flexibility. In the vertical plane they are rigid (along the Z-axis), and in the horizontal plane – pliable (along the X and Y axes). SCARA robots do an excellent job of assembly operations. They are compact, faster than Delta, but have a higher price.

  • Mobile robotics. They are used for transporting materials, storing goods, and can service machines. Thanks to the introduction of sensors and navigation devices, mobile robots of the latest generations are becoming faster and more flexible in use. They can work both autonomously and integrate into other systems.

  • Drones. These are autonomous flying machines programmed for specific actions. Most often they are used to conduct any kind of research in hard-to-reach regions. Drones can operate not only in the air, but also underwater, so their scope is constantly expanding.

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