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Robots Sorters

Modern models of robot sorters are capable as well as humans distinguish objects and quickly determining the necessary location necessary. But unlike the human, the robotic sorting system does it accurately and around the clock. Robots don't get tired and go on vacation, they don't need to be paid or motivated. Once you install and configure such a system, you can speed up the process of sorting and packing your products several times.

How does the automatic sorting system work?

Robots can search, classify, take and move products according to a given algorithm. An attached camera helps the robot to cope with such tasks. Thus, the robot easily scans and processes the resulting image, independently determining the coordinates of the product, its color, size, and other parameters.

Such robotic technology is widely used not only in industry but also in logistics and pharmaceuticals. Companies that rely on efficiency and quality buy robots to stack and sort their products. To find out more about what specific tasks of your staff one or another robot sorter will be able to take on, leave a request on our b2b marketplace.

Here you will find not only electronic robots for sale but also engineers who can install and configure everything. The Robotplace always proposes the best decision, based on the request and the available budget. Here are both new and used equipment, promotions, discounts, and good prices.