Used Welding Robots

Welding is a complex and responsible process that requires high skill and responsibility from the performer. It is hard and meticulous work, in which there are risks of mistakes due to the human factor. But the realities demand from metallurgical enterprises to increase productivity and quality of work. Therefore, it is logical to gradually introduce robots into the work that can replace human labor and bring productivity to a new level. Advantages of such a solution for the enterprise:

* Improved welding performance and speed;

* Staff reduction. Instead of 3-4 welders, the process can be controlled by one operator;

* Higher welding quality and minimization of defects.

What equipment do we have on sale?

Modernization of production by robotic systems requires large financial investments. Therefore, many companies choose used welding robots to optimize costs. Fully functional used equipment is in no way inferior in reliability to the new one. In our robot store, there are only fully serviceable models that, with proper maintenance, can last for decades. Features of used welding robots:

  • Extensive customization options. The working programs of welding robots have flexible settings depending on the requirements for a specific product. In the program, you can set the thickness, length, and location of the welding seam, other details, determine the sequence of each operation;
  • Fast conversion from one task to another. Robots are universal devices that can be instantly reconfigured for new tasks. As a rule, one model is suitable for welding compact and heavy-weight products;
  • Spot welding with an accuracy of 1 mm;
  • Safety of equipment.

Prices and terms of the order

You can discuss these details with our managers. Used robots are available on the website. Our team is ready to perform all the subsequent work for the correct and successful integration of the system into the work of your metallurgical enterprise. We are waiting for applications.