Aripix A1-10-4



Aripix A1-10-4 – industrial 4-axis robot manipulator for cyclic manufacturing operations

Aripix A1-10-4 is designed to automate the same type and routine operations in plants and factories, as well as to work in hazardous industries.

The robot can be equipped with any type of gripper: electromagnets, suction cups, a mechanical gripper in the form of a pincer. It is also possible to install a painting, laser, or welding head.

Aripix A1-10-4 equipped with different types of grippers is capable of performing the following operations: loading, unloading, packaging and selective picking, application of adhesives and sealants, machining, painting, palletizing.


Key features of the Aripix A1-10-4

  • Works 24/7.


  • Aripix A1-10-4 dramatically improves the productivity and profitability of your plant increasing the rate of production and at the same time reducing the number of hired low-skilled laborers.


  • Aripix A1-10-4 is easy to operate and configure, Aripix Robotics trains the customer’s employees on how to configure and maintain the robot free of charge. Any worker can reprogram the robot to perform new operations after a 5-day training course.


  • Reducing risks and human factors.


  • Improving the accuracy of operations performed.


  • Reduction of rejects of manufactured products.


  • 100% control over the work of the production cell without downtime and errors.


  • Aripix A1-10-4 is capable of working in hazardous industries, the robot does not require compliance with labor standards.


  • Fast payback and no future labor costs for employees, payroll taxes, associated costs for organizing the workplace and its maintenance, non-production costs (costs of paying vacation pay, temporary disability, training, social package, a grace period of absence, losses due to the fault of the employee, etc.).


Specifications Aripix A1-10-4

The number of degrees of freedom – 4.

The radius of action – 1.4 m.

Lift height – 1.3 m.

Maximum lifting capacity – 10 kg.

Repeatability – 1 mm.

Maximum power consumption – 2.5 kW.

Maximum speed – depends on the required lifting capacity.



The cost of the robot starts at $ 42,000 and may vary, depending on the configuration and the task that the robot must perform.


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