iBoto fancy Chico



iBoto fancy Chico – smart and autonomous window cleaning robot

A sleek cleaning robot that not only masterfully cleans vertical surfaces, but also beautifies the space with its elegant and slightly futuristic design.


Key features iBoto fancy Chico

  • I perfectly cope with cleaning any smooth surfaces from windows and mirrors to tiles and countertops, and the result “before” and “after” my work will cause you a real delight!


  • I clean using two rotating disks, which are put on reusable microfiber cloths. In the kit with me, you will find 8 spare pairs.


  • You don’t have to worry about my safety even if you use me to clean windows from the outside on the 26th floor. A powerful vacuum pump allows me to stay upright securely. Also in the kit, you will find a special safety cable.


  • You can control me using the remote control or from a branded mobile application, or you can simply press the power button, and I will do the rest myself in automatic mode.


  • I’m running on a power cord. Its length will definitely be enough for you even if there is no outlet nearby. I also have a built-in high-capacity battery, thanks to which I can work autonomously in emergency mode for another 30 minutes after a power outage. In such situations, I will persistently inform you about the incident with a sound signal.


  • Thanks to the intelligent navigation system and sensors for tracking the boundaries of the cleaning area, I independently and most effectively recognize the entire workspace and methodically go through every centimeter of it.