iBoto super Sonic



iBoto super Sonic – smart and autonomous window cleaning robot

Super high-tech cleaning robot with cleaning liquid reservoir and automatic ultrasonic sprayer Ultrasonic.

I am an extremely self-reliant and autonomous robot with a built-in detergent tank and a unique automatic detergent spray system. All you have to do is fill a special tank with cleaning liquid, and I’ll do the rest.


Key features iBoto super Sonic

  • My atomizer is calibrated for the ideal dispersion of particles so that the droplets of washing liquid are not blown away by the wind, for example, when working from the outside of the glazing of a loggia, but on a par with this, I do not form heavy droplets that could leave streaks.


  • I have a powerful vacuum engine, thanks to which I am securely fixed on various surfaces ranging in size from 35×35 cm. For example, on windows, mirrors, shop windows, even walls, tiles, plastic, and even countertops. Yes, yes, I also know how to clean high horizontal surfaces safely


  • To set up all my skills, you can use the bundled remote control or a branded mobile application. You can control me and spray the cleaning agent manually, or you can choose automatic cleaning with the required surface wetting interval, depending on the degree of contamination


  • My high-capacity battery allows me to work up to 30 minutes in emergency mode in the event of a power outage. I will definitely inform you about such a situation with a special sound signal


  • I achieve the most effective cleaning of the surface thanks to artificial intelligence and smart calculation of the optimal trajectory of movement