iBoto carbonic Cooper



Stylish, strong, and stable robot vacuum cleaner that performs dry and wet cleaning equally well on all types of surfaces.


Key features iBoto carbonic Cooper

  • I am equipped with a hard bristled turbo brush and a rubber scraper. Combined with hard-working side brushes and a powerful 1500 Pa motor, I clean any type of coating equally flawlessly from dust, large debris, hair, and animal hair.


  • It is most effective with a double pass through the room, so you can program me to clean daily before you return home, and also send me on a tour of the apartment before leaving. I guarantee everyday maintenance of pristine cleanliness and freshness.


  • I navigate in space with the help of a high-precision gyroscope. Thanks to him, I build a map of the room and lay the most rational routes for quick and efficient cleaning.


  • The edges of my bottom panel are beveled, so I confidently overcome any barriers up to 1.5 cm high. Extra practicality is given to me by a tempered mineral glass overlay on the top panel of the case. It doesn’t scratch and is easy to clean.


  • I support many types of management. For example, using the bundled remote control or a proprietary mobile application on your smartphone. I also perfectly understand the commands of popular voice assistants and easily join the Smart Home ecosystem from Tuya Smart.


  • I will inform you about important events in the course of the assignment by voice in Russian.