iBoto easy Lucky



The most affordable robot vacuum cleaner in the iBoto line with a high-precision gyroscope, good suction power, and the ability to simultaneously wet and dry clean hard floors.


Key features iBoto easy Lucky

  • I am made of high-quality materials. My dust collector is additionally equipped with a water container, so I can do dry and wet cleaning at the same time.


  • I don’t have a turbo brush, but the suction power is enough to deal with any type of debris on hard floors and short-pile carpets. With side brushes, I carefully scoop up the debris to the center of the case, where it is immediately picked up by the suction module and sent to the dust collector.


  • I build navigation in space in a smart way, constantly optimizing the route for the fastest and most efficient cleaning. The built-in high-precision gyroscope helps me with this.


  • From one battery charge I can easily work up to an hour and a half, and if I feel that my strength is running out, I immediately go to the base to replenish energy. You don’t have to worry about my safety because I am equipped with sensors for recognizing obstacles and height differences.


  • Managing me is a pleasure. In the kit, you will find a remote control for setting all my abilities. Even in the automatic cleaning mode, I show a high result. For private situations, you can always choose the maximum power mode, spot, or perimeter cleaning.


  • Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention that I am a quiet robotic vacuum cleaner who appreciates my masters’ siesta.