Kubi from Revolve Robotics is ideal for conference rooms, offices, kitchens, and all other spaces where people congregate. You can access Kubi from anywhere in the world via an internet-connected smartphone or computer. The teleconference experience is provided by the Kubi video-optimised interface or your favourite teleconference application.

Kubi’s head swivels 300 degrees and can tilt up or down as it does. This allows you to communicate directly with people in the room, swivel to view a screen or board, or just stare out the window to enjoy the view!

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Kubi details

Kubi Robot

If you once wanted to have a double, then the new generation of telepresence robots will make your dream come true. Today you can be anywhere without leaving your room. Meetings, presentations, medical visits, and art exhibitions can now be visited by the robot Kubi, while you will save time and be in several places at once.

Live an active life and be online!

  • It is generally accepted that a telepresence robot is an expensive toy that can only be used for fun. Why not, but let’s look at other possibilities that this small compact device opens up for us.
  • It helps to serve customers and implement high standards of customer service.
  • It makes it possible to establish an online connection between a doctor and a patient.
  • With the help of this robot, you can conduct online competitions, business meetings, briefings, and presentations.
  • It helps students and teachers to establish an effective online learning process.
  • And, of course, with the help of the Kubi, you can attend not only serious business meetings but also friends and family parties.

It cannot be denied that private enterprises and government agencies that have taken advantage of this technology have already managed to rise to a completely different level of efficiency. Electronic robotics performs an important social and communicative function in various spheres of life.

B2b marketplace has an advantage over a regular shop

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