iBoto pretty Oscar



A smart robot vacuum cleaner with impressive skills at an affordable price.


Key features iBoto pretty Oscar

  • I can do dry and wet cleaning at the same time! I have a capacious 800 ml dust collector, which means that it will not be necessary to empty it of garbage very often. All design solutions for filters, water, and garbage tanks are thought out in such a way that their maintenance does not cause at least some labor.


  • I perfectly understand the commands of popular voice assistants, such as Siri. You can always give me new assignments even from the workplace or on vacation from anywhere in the world thanks to the proprietary application on your smartphone. It is also possible to program me to clean on certain days and times. I support Tuya Smart’s Smart Home ecosystem. The remote control is of course included.


  • I have high suction power and a hard-working turbo brush with several rows of stiff bristles, so I’m great at cleaning any type of flooring. Wool and hair on carpets are also no problem for me, not to mention dust, crumbs, sand, and larger debris.


  • I navigate in space with the help of a high-precision gyroscope. I display the cleaning route on the map in real time, so you can always make sure that I cleaned everything exactly and did not miss anything.


  • I recharge the battery myself, and if suddenly the battery is discharged during cleaning, then after replenishing the forces at the base, I will continue from where I left off earlier.


  • Even when working at maximum power, I remain a quiet robot, appreciating the peace and possible daytime sleep of the household.