Promobot V.4

Service robot for business

Promobot V.4 communicates with people, travels autonomously and integrates with a third-party software. The robot is autonomous which means it doesn’t require a person for its operation


Scope of application


Consultant – Scans documents, answers questions

Promoter – Attracts attention at forums and events

Building Manager – Performs duties of a concierge

Tour Guide – Makes tours and informs about exhibitions

Manager – Issue access keys, navigation assistance

Medical Assessor – Gives medical checkups


Why Promobot?

Fully autonomous

The robot uses artificial intelligence in communication and moves autonomously avoiding collisions. It can automatically return to the charging station when battery charge is low. Promobot doesn’t require manual control of its work.


Easy to configure

New phrases, facial expressions, customized movements and even dances can be easily added to the robot. No experience required to operate it


Warranty and technical support

Technical support is covered by warranty. Each client has access to their own technical support chat. Our specialists monitor the robot’s status 7 days a week


Purchasing terms

We provide discounts, leasing and part payment options to ensure you can purchase your robot comfortably



Promobot has several levels of protection: both at hard- and software levels. The robot’s body is protected against unauthorized access and outside damage. Promobot is equipped with sensors that ensure it does not harm a person


New technologies

Numerous studies indicate the spread of automation technologies and future assign of the most menial tasks to robotic employees. You can start automating your businesses today and be the change in the trends of today


No Parameter Characteristics
1 Robots dismensions Min: 1466х782х730 (HхWхL), mm

Max: 1566x2082x730 (HхWхL), mm

2 Charging station dismensions 700x650x300 (HхWхL), mm
3 Transportation trunk 1615x880x980 (HхWхL), mm
4 Time of charging Via charging station: up to 10 hours

Via wire: up to 8 hours

5 Battery life up to 8 hours
6 Movement speed 0,3 km/h
7 Drive 2 wheels
8 Robotic arms 2 pcs, 7 degrees of freedom
9 Head turning 2 degrees of freedom
10 Torso turning 3 degrees of freedom (depends of specification)
11 Camara Face recognition: CMOS 1/2.8”, up to 25 (30) fps, resolution 1920×1080

Telepresence mode: up to 30 fps, resolution 640х480

Charging station searching camera: up to 30 fps, resolution 640х480

12 Microphone omnidirectional
13 Speakers 25 watts 2 pcs.
14 Display 10.1” touchscreen,

resolution 1280×720

15 Sensors Ultrasonic 16 pcs.,

3D sensor 1 pcs.,

Sensor of tuch 4 pcs.

16 Body material Plastic
17 Color Black+white
18 Diode matrix of face RGB (full colour)
19 Pronunciation of the speech modules Via speech synthesis
20 Random movement Yes
21 Autonomous searching of charging station Yes
22 Service of linguistic database and phrases Yes
23 Printer for printing photos Yes
24 Possibility of installation PIN Pad Yes



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