iBoto magical Rocky



New for 2021. An ultra-technological robot that can not only vacuum and wash but also disinfects the floor with an ultraviolet lamp.


Key features iBoto magical Rocky

  • I became a cleaning magician and a wizard of cleanliness largely thanks to the main killer feature and my superpower – to disinfect the floor with a UV lamp. I have repeatedly confirmed this skill in laboratory tests. I have an impressive amount of bacteria on my track record, which I deal with effectively.


  • Along with disinfection, I am impeccable in dry and wet cleaning of all types of coatings. I have a powerful Japanese NIDEC brushless motor, a turbo brush, large containers for water, and dry garbage. When washing the floor, the water on the cleaning cloth does not fall by gravity but is intelligently controlled by a special pump.


  • I navigate in space better than many brothers. All thanks to the built-in camera and the innovative vSLAM navigation system. I build a map and display my location on it in real-time.


  • I am a highly walkable robot vacuum that easily overcomes any barriers up to 2 cm high. I also perfectly recognize the restriction zones that you can set for me in the application on your smartphone. I will not enter these zones under any circumstances, so you can leave any items in them without any fear.


  • I easily integrate into the Tuya Smart Smart Home ecosystem and understand the commands of popular voice assistants. For example, Alice or Alex. In the course of fulfilling your instructions about the most important events, I will inform you by voice in Russian.


  • When the battery level is low, I automatically go to the base for recharging, and after replenishing my strength, I continue cleaning from the point where I left off earlier.