iBoto modern Frodo



The uncompromising professional for cleaning all types of flooring and keeping every day fresh, even in large and complex spaces.


Key features iBoto modern Frodo

  • I am equipped with the best spatial orientation system – lidar, thanks to which I instantly assess the scope of work and build the most efficient navigation around the room. I memorize up to 5 maps of different rooms. I map the premises in real time and divide them into rooms in strict accordance with the actual layout. Therefore, at any time you can send me to work only in a specific room.


  • I am very sympathetic to the zones in which it is better for me not to call. You can set them in the mobile application on your smartphone. By the way, you can separately specify the area with a carpet in which I will not carry out wet cleaning.


  • I do not like to remind myself once again, so I learned to perform dry and wet cleaning at the same time. My water tank is equipped with an intelligent supply system that prevents delicate coatings from being over-wetted.


  • You can manage me from anywhere in the world in a proprietary mobile application. I, of course, support scheduled cleaning, a variety of operating modes, and adjusting the suction power and water flow to the napkin. All these and other functions are easy to set up using the intuitive interface of the branded application.


  • And I also perfectly understand voice assistant commands and easily integrate them into the Smart Home ecosystem from Tuya Smart.


  • I’m also a real talking robot vacuum cleaner. I don’t talk idle, I voice in Russian only the most important events in the course of fulfilling your instructions.


Specifications iBoto modern Frodo

Dimensions — 320×320×85 mm

Navigation – Lidar, VSLAM

Suction power – 2500 Pa

Power – 28 W

Dust container volume – 800 ml

The volume of the water container is 180 ml

Works in the “smart home” system – Yes

Navigation type – Lidar, VSLAM

Battery – 2600 mAh

Battery life – 200 min

Obstacles – up to 2 cm