iBoto flying Zipper



iBoto flying Zipper – smart and autonomous window cleaning robot

A professional cleaning robot is an expert in cleaning all types of vertical surfaces. Ideal for cleaning medium and large shop windows and panoramic windows, glazed loggias, mirrors, entrance groups, and other similar objects.


Key features iBoto flying Zipper

  • Thanks to the smart systems based on artificial intelligence built into me, I perfectly orient myself in space and build my navigation as efficiently as possible. This allows you to cope with large-area objects at a record high speed. Judge for yourself, I clean two square meters of surface in just one minute. I smile blissfully and give odds to any industrial climbers.


  • I am ready to do all the work completely autonomously. You simply place me on the surface, and I sequentially remove every centimeter of it with Z- and N-shaped passes. I recognize the border of cleaning zones with the help of special sensors.


  • The power of my vacuum clutch device allows it to withstand a load many times greater than my body weight. Therefore, I hold securely on any smooth vertical surfaces and even on the ceiling. Also, I am not at all averse to putting things in order on horizontal surfaces: countertops, tiles, flat floors with obstacles not exceeding a height of 1.5 mm.


  • Managing me is as easy as shelling pears using the bundled remote control or a branded mobile application!


  • I run on a power cable but am also equipped with a battery that allows you to maintain a vacuum motor for 20 minutes during power outages. I also come with a safety cable, so you don’t have to worry about my safety.


  • In the kit with me, you will find several reusable microfiber cloths. They are attached around the perimeter of the base with special Velcro. Napkins have a different color depending on the structure of the pile and are responsible for different tasks. So, gray is intended for wet cleaning, and yellow is for polishing and dry cleaning of coatings.


  • I wash vertical surfaces from 35×35 cm.