iBoto futuristic Sam



An elite stormtrooper warrior, a fighter for the unconditional power of everyday cleanliness and freshness in the house. In my arsenal: a lint-free turbo brush, a high-precision gyroscope, dry and wet cleaning skills, as well as effortless ease of use.


Key features iBoto futuristic Sam

  • I have a unique main brush – a rubber cylinder with scraper blades, which is much less winded on hair and animal hair. It is elementary to serve such a turbo brush with a complete brush comb.


  • I am an intelligent vacuum cleaner that can perfectly navigate in space with the help of a high-precision gyroscope and special i-MOVE sensors, thanks to which I divide the cleaned space into small sections, and then I clean every centimeter sequentially.


  • I am equally good on all types of surfaces. Your pet’s favorite habit of lying on the carpet doesn’t make me sad, because I have excellent suction power and an efficient turbo brush, thanks to which I easily cope with carpets with a pile length of up to 1.5 cm.


  • To control me and all my skills, you will find a remote control in the kit. With it, you can program me to automatically schedule cleaning, increase suction power to the maximum, select the desired operating mode, or send me to rest at the base.