iBoto great Max



The flagship robot vacuum cleaner for fast and high-quality cleaning of all types of surfaces, even in large and complex rooms.


Key features iBoto great Max

  • I am so smart, nimble, and efficient thanks in large part to lidar, a laser rangefinder that scans even large and complex spaces with lightning speed and accuracy. By the way, my lidar is located in a special protective turret on the front side of the case, which is additionally equipped with a mechanical button that prevents it from getting stuck under furniture.


  • With the help of lidar, I skillfully, quickly, and accurately build a map of the premises, and also display my location on it in real-time. I automatically recognize the boundaries of the rooms and divide the rendered space of the map according to them. Therefore, at any time you can choose to clean with the desired number of passes, for example, only in the living room or in the kitchen.


  • I also perfectly understand the virtual zones-restrictions in which it is better for me not to call. Separately, I support virtual restricted zones for wet cleaning. Therefore, on carpets, I can only carry out dry cleaning, and with a washing cloth on them, no, no.


  • In addition to impeccable orientation in space, I have excellent cross-country ability and can overcome sills up to 2 cm high.


  • I am equipped with a bristle-blade turbo brush with longitudinal grooves for easy cleaning, as well as large containers for water and dry debris. During wet cleaning, water does not flow to the napkin by gravity but is intelligently regulated using a special pump.


  • You can adjust the suction power, track the wear level of consumables, set the “do not disturb” mode, or set an automatic cleaning schedule using a proprietary mobile application on your smartphone. In it, you will find settings for all my abilities.


  • When the battery level is low, I automatically go to the base for recharging, and after replenishing my strength, I continue cleaning from the point where I left off earlier.


  • I’m also a real talking robot vacuum cleaner. I don’t chat idle, I voice in English only the most important events in the course of carrying out your instructions.