Moxi helps clinical staff do more.


Moxi helps hospitals run 24/7. Our robots assist clinical staff with non-patient-facing tasks like: 

Gathering patient supplies 

Delivering lab samples 

Fetching items from central supply 

Distributing PPE

Delivering medications


Moxi’s software means it’s simple to dynamically add new activities as your staff’s needs change.

Automation helps hospitals and clinical staff work smarter, not harder.


How Moxi can help:

Staff get to spend more time with patients

Efficiency and consistency of routine care support

Staff get to perform at the top of their license


Why does your hospital need Moxi?


Nurses spend up to 30% of their time on non-value added tasks

The demand for nurses is surging, but supply is not growing fast enough (2.7M (2014), 3.2M (2024))

Bedside nurse turnover rate is 16.8%

Nearly one quarter (23.8%) of new nurse hires leave within a year

Automation modernizes the efficiency of your facility

Reduce the variability of routine activities to ensure every patient gets consistent high-quality care.


A.I. with a heart


Designed to be compatible with the busy, semi-structured environments of hospitals, Moxi’s core technical features include:

Social intelligence: expressive face, social awareness

Mobile manipulation: compliant arm, hand, mobile base

Human-guided learning: learns from human teachers


More than a pretty face


Why does Moxi have “social intelligence”? We want to make sure people always feel comfortable and understand what Moxi is doing. 

Wouldn’t you feel better if a robot looked toward you when you walked by?

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