iBoto elegant Teddy



An elegant robot vacuum cleaner with two turbo brushes and online navigation that performs dry and wet cleaning equally well on all types of surfaces.


Key features iBoto elegant Teddy

  • I am equipped with two different turbo brushes – with a hard bristle for carpets and a rubber roller-scraper for hard floors. Combined with high suction power and hard-working side brushes, I tidy up and keep clean on all types of surfaces with the same quality. Hair, animal hair, dust, and large debris are not difficult for me.


  • I perfectly understand the commands of popular voice assistants, such as Siri. You can always give me new assignments even from the workplace or on vacation from anywhere in the world thanks to the proprietary application on your smartphone. It is also possible to program me to clean on certain days and times. I support Tuya Smart’s Smart Home ecosystem. The remote control is of course included.


  • Thanks to a high-precision gyroscope and SLAM navigation, I can display my location in real time in a proprietary application on your smartphone. Therefore, you can always make sure that I have not missed even the most secluded corner of the room.


  • You can program me for scheduled cleaning or select the desired operating mode either using the included remote control or from a smartphone from anywhere in the world.


  • In addition to replaceable side brushes, a HEPA filter, microfiber cloths, a container for wet cleaning, remote control, and a maintenance brush, you will find a special device with me – a virtual wall with which you can limit my cleaning area.