PuduBot – an innovative delivery robot

PuduBot is designed for intelligent, contactless, and safe delivery of groceries, food, equipment.


Key features of the PuduBot

  • Pudu Robotics’ patented SLAM navigation technology, precise and easy to use, offering a user-friendly interface. SLAM is offered to the buyer in two versions:

BellaBot Standard (visual SLAM)

BellaBot Advanced (laser SLAM)


  • Can replace up to 5 employees.


  • Provides delivery up to 400 times a day.


  • Thanks to the removable, two-piece battery, PuduBot works 24/7.


  • Durable, economical, and easy to maintain.


  • PuduBot comes in two flavors: PD1 and PD6. The PD1 model is equipped with 4 trays, each of which can carry a load of 13 kg. The PD6 model is equipped with one large case with a volume of 100 liters and a load capacity of 52 kg.


PuduBot specifications

The size of the robot is 516 * 500 * 1288mm.

The weight of the robot is 35 kg.

Material – ABS / Aviation Aluminum Alloy.

Replaceable battery life is 12 hours per cell.

Travel speed – 0.5 – 1.2 m / s (adjustable).

Climbing angle – ≤ 5 °.


Package contents: PuduBot – package of markers (100pcs).



* Price on request by email tanya.mo@pudutech.com


Pudu Robotics