Puductor – an innovative disinfector robot

Puductor is a mobile disinfection robot designed for the disinfection of closed rooms with dry fog. Able to process a 600 m2 room in one working cycle. It has simple and intuitive controls, can easily maneuver and avoid obstacles in its path, thanks to PUDU’s patented SLAM solution for robotics navigation.


Key features of the Puductor

  • Disinfection up to 600 m2 in one working cycle.


  • Ultrasonic atomization technology is used to rapidly atomize disinfectant to form diffuse dry mist particles of the size 5 – 15 microns.


  • High efficiency disinfectant spraying unit with ultra-high spray rate of 2000 ml/h for fast indoor air disinfection.


  • 23.8L extra-large capacity disinfectant tank, self-powered, long-lasting disinfection effect.


  • Protection against shutdown in case of lack of disinfectant.


  • Independent planning of optimal path selection based on location and obstacle avoidance information.


Puductor specifications

Machine size – 544x538x1290 (mm).
Module size – 310mm × 250mm × 620mm.
Machine weight – 61 kg (full load) / 37 kg (unloaded).
Travel speed – 0.5 m / s – 1.2 m / s (adjustable).
Robot positioning accuracy is ± 100mm for positioning accuracy, ± 2° for angular accuracy.
Emergency stop button – available.
Indicators are on both sides of the chassis.
Noise – < 36 dB.
Rated power – 110 W (maximum, adjustable).
Spray rate 2000 ml/h (maximum, adjustable).
Dry fog particles – 5 microns – 15 microns.
The capacity of the disinfectant tank is 23.8 liters.


Package contents: Puductor – package of markers (100pcs).


* Price on request by email tanya.mo@pudutech.com



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