RoboSharing – an innovative delivery robot for marketplaces and delivery services

The robot drives on the sidewalk at a speed of 5-12 km / h, it is a six-wheeled drone equipped with stereo cameras, thanks to which it can move even in the dark. He knows how to recognize objects on the way, let people and animals pass, and plan a route avoiding obstacles.

How does it work?

1. Order registration

In order for the robot to bring the order, you must select the appropriate option when placing the delivery on the website or in the application company. The number of robots is limited if there will be no free robot, order will be brought by a courier.

2. Acceptance of an order at the logistics center

The robots are equipped with a small cargo compartment, which can accommodate loads up to 40x40x30 cm and weighing up to 20 kg.
After placing an order in the robot, you must close the compartment and enter the order number. The robot must be charged once a day from the mains.

3. Delivery to the client

The customer’s address is sewn into the order number, after delivery, the robot returns back to the logistics center.

When receiving an order, the user will need a smartphone through which the order was made out. You can open the luggage compartment of the robot by entering the code from the SMS message.

Purchase returns

If the client is not satisfied with the goods upon receipt, then it is necessary to contact the pickup point. Explain the reason for the return, photograph the product and send it to the employee. The customer puts the product back into the robot’s cargo hold and closes the lid. The robot will deliver the goods back to the pick-up point. The robot can pick up the goods from the customer if the return validity period is valid. The client enters the number from the SMS message, the cargo compartment of the robot opens – the goods are placed there. The robot’s lid is locked and it returns the goods to the pick-up point.


Key features of the RoboSharing

  • Delivers goods 30% cheaper than on foot couriers


  • Delivers goods 30% faster than on foot couriers


  • Contactless delivery


  • Reduces staff shortages


  • Multidelivery


  • Keeps the temperature of the product inside the compartment for 1.5 – 2 hours


  • You don’t have to worry about protecting your cargo from thieves! If raised above the ground, the RoboSharing sensors will turn on a loud siren, and the built-in GPS will constantly send its location to the operator.


  • RoboSharing always is under the supervision of an operator overseeing its safety. In an emergency, the operator can instantly take over control of the robot. One operator can take over the surveillance of 3-6 robots at the same time.


  • All six-wheel drive and deep rubber tread provide RoboSharing with first-class agility and the ability to work in any weather conditions.


  • Payback – 7 months


RoboSharing specifications

Carrying capacity – 40kg.
Cargo compartment: length – 350mm, width – 350mm, height – 300mm.
Cargo protection – fiberglass body, steel circuit.
Detects obstacles using 3-D lidar.
Speed – 7 – 12 km / h.
Rise height per step – 150mm.



RoboSharing is not for sale, it can only be rented, leave a request to contact us about the price of renting a robot.