KettyBot – innovative robot waiter, promoter, and administrator in one corps!

KettyBot can be a waiter, administrator, and ad platform at the same time! With a central 18.5-inch screen that can display menus and specials, resulting in the average receipt is increased.
The robot has two modifications, with removable trays for food or from a back cover, which allows it to act as a waiter or administrator.

KettyBot work scenarios:

  • Attraction of clients

A large screen displays advertisements that are relevant to customers. You can customize the sequence, time, and frequency of playback. High-quality audio with 360 ° localization allows not only to attract attention with a video clip but also to broadcast important audio information.

  • Greeting and accompaniment

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the robot is able to meet and accompany visitors, maintain a situational conversation with them. Autonomous route planning allows you to choose the best route to customer desks and improve the quality of service.

  • Food delivery

In one run, the robot serves several tables and can withstand dishes with a total weight of up to 30 kg. This is a great option for distributing snacks, drinks, promotional materials to visitors. KettyBot collects the dishes and returns them to the kitchen, and can also deliver a birthday cake accompanied by a congratulatory song.

18.5 screenRemovable food traysKettyBot variation with removable food traysKettyВot variation with back cover

Key features of the KettyBot

  • Compact design for improved agility

KettyBot continues the minimalist design concept of Pudu Technology. The compact size and forward-leaning C-shaped body allow the robot easy to maneuver in only 55 cm wide gaps making it an ideal choice in complex and crowded environments.


  • Marketing expert on the wheels

A centered ad display 18.5-inch screen perfectly adapts to the customer’s angle of view. The ad display can display promotional materials in the customized zone, providing a more eye-catching approach for marketing.


  • A new way to impress your customers

With AI voice interaction, KettyBot intelligently greets and interacts with passing through customers by waking up its screen. A cute and smart KettyBot would obviously draw more attention than the traditional approach!


  • The new voice interaction module

The new voice interaction module integrates 360° sound localization, exclusive situational dialogues with cutting-edge echo cancellation, noise suppression, and reverberation elimination technology.

Currently, the following phrases are available for KettyBot:

Please have a sit down.

Come in and have a try!

Enjoy your meal, I’m going back to work.

Here’s your meal.

New guests have arrived!

Low battery. Please charge me up.

Follow me, please.

Look over here!


  • Serving multiple tables

Multiple tables can be served in one run with accurate positioning and optimal path planning. Achieve more with less!


  • Pudu Robotics’ patented SLAM navigation technology, precise and easy to use, offering a user-friendly interface. SLAM is offered to the buyer in two versions:

BellaBot Standard (visual SLAM)

BellaBot Advanced (laser SLAM)


  • To improve safety, BellaBot is equipped with 3D sensors and a new modular chassis. He can instantly stop at any angle and avoid collision with an obstacle

The minimum object detection height is 2 cm.

Obstacle detection rate up to 5400 times per minute.

Front detection angle up to 192.64 °.

The detection range of front obstacles exceeds 10 m.


  • RGBD

The 3 * RGBD depth camera provides KettyBot with the strongest 3D experience among the competition to date. It can accurately detect obstacles and stop in front of them in 0.5 seconds.


  • Cruise mode

KettyBot can cruise in specific areas to provide customers with free snacks and drinks, accompanied by broadcasts on the screen about services and promotions.


  • Automatic navigation planning

Laser & visual dual navigation solution helps to detect obstacles more accurately, making the robot safer.


  • Multi-robot cooperation for higher efficiency

Using by Pudu Scheduler system, the KettyBot can directly communicate with any robot in the same network.


  • Autonomous work

A capacious battery ensures continuous robot operation for 8 hours. KettyBot automatically goes to recharge, after which it returns to work.


  • Speaker

The powerful speaker allows you to broadcast advertisements with sound, as well as play music for children and special occasions.


  • Replaces several waiters or administrators at the same time


KettyBot specifications      

Robot dimensions – 460 × 440 × 1120 mm.

Robot weight – 35 kg.

Carrying capacity – 30 kg.

Robot material – ABS / Aviation aluminum alloy.

Battery backup time – 7 × 24 hours.

Cruise speed (maximum) – 1.2 m / s.

Charging time – 4.5 hours (auto charging).

Battery capacity – 25.6 A / h.

Height of overcoming obstacles (maximum) – 7 mm.

The width of overcoming obstacles (maximum) – 35 mm.

Climbing angle – ≤5 °.

Clearance – ≥55cm.

Ad display dimension – 18.5″


Package contents: KettyBot – position sticker * 2 + package of markers (100pcs).



* Actual coverage areas may vary due to walls, obstructions, and other obstacles.

* Price on request by email
















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