BellaBot – an innovative robot waiter

BellaBot, Pudu’s newest robotic waiter designed specifically for restaurants, inherits the outstanding characteristics of the previous generation of Pudu delivery robots, offering superior human-robot interaction. With innovative bionic design language, cute styling, AI voice functions, multimodal interaction, and many other new features, BellaBot provides users with an unprecedented experience for robot waiters.


Key features of the BellaBot

  • Pudu Robotics’ patented SLAM navigation technology, is precise and easy to use, offering a user-friendly interface. SLAM is offered to the buyer in two versions:

BellaBot Standard (visual SLAM)

BellaBot Advanced (laser SLAM)


  • BellaBot has a beautiful and stylish bionic design that is expressed in everything from the height of the car body to the tilt of the screen and the bending of the shape.


  • To improve safety, BellaBot is equipped with 3D sensors and a new modular chassis. He can instantly stop at any angle and avoid collision with an obstacle

The minimum object detection height is 2 cm.

Obstacle detection rate up to 5400 times per minute.

Front detection angle up to 192.64 °.

The detection range of front obstacles exceeds 10 m.


  • BellaBot virtual assistant

The newly added AI voice module supports hundreds of exclusive contextual dialogues, making BellaBot more interesting.


  • RGB backlight

Performing various tasks triggers the corresponding lighting effects, which makes the status indication clearer.


  • Touch control panel


  • Smart emoji

BellaBot smart panel has dozens of exclusive and original animations.


  • RGBD

The 3 * RGBD depth camera provides BellaBot with the strongest 3D experience among the competitors to date. It can accurately detect obstacles and stop in front of them in 0.5 seconds.


  • Adaptive adjustable suspension with automatic leveling. The damping can be changed depending on the floor condition and driving requirements.


  • Unified system PUDU SCHEDULER

PUDU has adopted a decentralized flexible network communication scheme and algorithm architecture. Each robot can communicate directly with any robot on the same network, and can quickly calculate and make decisions. This design reduces the network requirements, reduces the computing power consumption of the central computing node, and becomes closer to the mechanism of interaction between people.



PUDU CLOUD Platform provides a full service of intelligent cloud services for Pudu robots, providing automated operation and support, a turnkey platform for controlling Pudu Robotics robots embedded in your business.


  • Replaceable battery

BellaBot has a battery in the kit, divided into two parts, each of them provides the robot with 12 hours of continuous work, with timely charging and replacement of parts, the robot can work 24/7!


BellaBot specifications

Robot dimensions – 565 * 537 * 1290 mm.

Robot weight – 57kg.

Robot material – ABS / Aviation aluminum alloy.

Charging time – 4.5 hours.

Battery life 12-24 hours (replaceable battery).

Travel speed – 0.5-1.2 m / s (adjustable).

Climbing angle – ≤ 5 °.

Maximum lifting capacity: total – 40 kg, tray – 10 kg.


Package contents: BellaBot – position sticker * 2 + package of markers (100pcs).



* Actual coverage areas may vary due to walls, obstructions, and other obstacles.

* Price on request by email


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