DaVinci Kitchen

Automate your Gastronomy!

The new catering standard in quality and taste for your staff and costumers.


Scale Quality

Our ingredients are fresh and crispy, and our pasta is produced just in time. Consistently high quality guaranteed.


Enjoy Speed

Via our mobile app you can pre-order, pay and simply pick up your food at your preferred time. Waiting time is no longer required.


Experience Food

Your meal is prepared in front of your very eyes. Our Info Dining Concept keeps you entertained and well informed throughout the entire cooking process.



Develop your own recipes, share them with friends and become the star chef of your own DaVinci Kitchen community.


Your clients are going to love this



Do your clients prefer delicious and nutritious bowls or Italian-like pasta dishes? Let them choose from 15+ different ingredients, including pasta made fresh. 



Extras? No problem. Your clients can individualize every dish. Allergy sensitive people have full control over the ingredients used.



2 meals in 4 minutes. By using our app, your clients can save even more time through our “Book-your-slot” system. Reserve your kiosk now



DaVinci Kitchen

Robotization is actively taking over all spheres of the economy. This time it came to the restaurant business. But the owners of cafes and restaurants have nothing to fear. On the contrary, a robot in the kitchen is a way to solve problems with staff, efficient organization of work, and speed of serving meals.

Da Vinci kitchen for sale and all necessary services

Davinci kitchen is a German development for the quick preparation of unsurpassed Italian meals. The first batch of robots for sale is set up to prepare different types of pasta. Just imagine how the efficiency of your restaurant business can be increased if the preparation and serving time is reduced to 6 minutes. Additionally, the robot can cook 2 pastes at the same time. Since the Da Vinci has a modular design, the range of meals can be significantly expanded in the future.

If you are interested in scaling your business, then on our b2b marketplace you can not only buy electronic robots in excellent technical condition but also find engineers who will install and configure robotics as you need.


Da Vinci