Cafe X Robotic Coffee Bar

Up to 3x more sales.

Proven at our company-operated location at SFO, Robotic Coffee Bar has the ability to generate 2-3x the revenue of other automated coffee vending solutions with its unique blend of high-end design, beverage quality, entertainment, and performance.

Multitasking champ.

Robotic Coffee Bar doesn’t make mistakes and won’t get tired. It can consistently make up to six new drinks at a time, while allowing customers to pick up their completed orders.

Espresso, milk, and ice done right.

Consistent 25 second plus double espresso shots with velvety, ultra-fine milk foam both hot and cold. You won’t find soda-machine-style, flavor diluting, and quick to melt crushed ice in this machine. Robotic Coffee Bar only uses 1-inch full cube ice for premium, high quality drinks.

Really big menu.

Fully equipped to offer a highly customizable premium café menu. Standard equipment includes espresso machines, a four-product tap tower with nitrogen infusion, and full-cube ice dispenser. A multi-level pastry shelf is available as an optional accessory, adding food and more to the menu.


Pastries, snacks, and more.

Robotic Coffee Bar has an accessory port, adding the ability to expand and improve the menu over time. A modular pastry shelf is the first available accessory, adding food and retail products such as pastries, oatmeal, nuts, and other snack to the menu.


The Standard configuration includes the following beverage making equipment

2 espresso machines with a total of 4 coffee bean hoppers, dual milk systems, and powder hoppers for products such as matcha and chocolate.

A 4-product fully-automated tap tower that serves kegged beverages. 2 of the 4 beverage options can be infused with nitrogen.

A 45 lbs (can be configured for 90 lbs) full 1” cube ice dispenser and cold water dispenser.

6 configurable cup dispensers with support for 8 oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz paper and plastic single-use cups. Cafe X recommends using Cafe X approved cups.

1 Cafe X POS system for customers to order and pay on-site. Additional POS system can be purchased.

The Standard + Modular Shelf configuration includes everything in the Standard configuration with an additional modular shelf for serving pastries, snacks, oatmeal, or whatever fits into the specifically designed packaging.

Product Specifications

Power & Water

208-240v 50-60hz 50A Split Phase NEMA 14-50

½’’ NPT water inlet

Drainage via floor sink

Food Equipment

Dual espresso machine system with up to four coffee beans, two powder hoppers,  and two milk types

Support for two refrigerated concentrates and six flavor syrups

Four product tap tower with two nitrogen infusion lines

Built-in nitrogen generator

Refrigerator with milk level sensing

90 lb capacity 1-inch cube ice and water dispenser

Six configurable cup dispensers for Cafe X approved cups


Cafe X Robotic Coffee Bar

The world’s first coffee shop opened in Constantinople in 1555. Less than 500 years later, Cafe X robotic coffee bar began operating in San Francisco, the existence of which very clearly demonstrates how much the world has changed in such a relatively short time. Instead of a barista, a robot prepares a wide variety of coffee drinks, and also takes care of orders and customer service itself.

How much does a coffee made by a robot cost?

Several dozen of these coffee houses already operate around the world, and the price of a glass of coffee there, as a rule, does not exceed the cost of drinks in ordinary coffee shops. This is an important indicator that testifies to the quick payback of the robot barista and the high profitability of such a business.

The coffee-making system works accurately and efficiently, making up to 200 cups of coffee per hour. In addition, the robot is well trained in all the intricacies of customer service and guarantees consistently high QoS. With the help of a special application, a client can pre-order a cup of favorite coffee by a certain time and not wait in line. Special software organizes all orders, thereby reducing waiting times and significantly increasing the productivity of the coffee shop.

Robot for sale and other services

Our site is a large b2b marketplace where you can find all the necessary electronic robotics and software. Here you interact with direct suppliers and get the opportunity to buy robots at the best price. In addition, we are ready to settle issues of delivery, installation, and configuration of equipment. All you need to do is leave a request on the website. Our team will help you deal with all the subtleties. You can count on the support of professional engineers and programmers who will customize everything in the best possible way.

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