HolaBot – an innovative delivery robot

Holabot is the first Pudu delivery robot for various business areas, it can be used in food, office, medical, industrial, and other fields, it is massively used to improve the efficiency of serving restaurants. Holabot can also be used to move medical waste to designated storage areas, helping to reduce infection rates. Holabot is equipped with a paging function, gesture recognition, and voice control module.


Key features of the HolaBot

  • Pudu Robotics’ patented SLAM navigation technology, accurate and easy to use, with a user-friendly interface.

HolaBot uses SLAM Standard (visual SLAM).


  • Extralarge capacity

Load capacity 60 kg, volume 120 l, 4 large capacity trays, multiple trays in one set, which allows you to move more items/products/dishes in one go.


  • IPX5 waterproof interior cab

The IPX5 waterproof interior cab can effectively resist various liquid splashes in the working environment and keep the machine body clean.


  • Voice control

No need to touch buttons, efficient and non-contact.


  • Voice recognition

Voice recognition using PUDU’s patented “Hola Hola” technology, a 6-array omnidirectional microphone that allows the robot to locate the sound source in real-time and turn in its direction.


  • Replaceable battery

HolaBot has a battery in the kit, divided into two parts, each of them provides the robot with 12 hours of continuous work, with timely charging and replacement of parts, the robot can work 24/7!


HolaBot specifications

Robot size – 541 × 531 × 1226 (mm).

Robot weight – 60 kg.

Machine material – ABS / Aviation aluminum alloy.

Charging time – 4.5 hours.

Battery life 12-24 hours (replaceable battery).

Robot speed – 0.5 – 1.2 m/s (adjustable). 

Loading capacity of one tray – 15kg.

The total carrying capacity – 60 kg.


Package contents: HolaBot – package of markers (100pcs) + watch * 5pcs + middle control * 1.



  1. Trays are optional.
  2. The pager is purchased separately.

* Actual coverage areas may vary due to walls, obstructions, and other obstacles.

* Price on request by email tanya.mo@pudutech.com




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