IQ-BUS V-series



IQ-BUS V-series – unmanned vending machine moving along a predetermined route

IQ-BUS V-series – the world’s first unmanned mobile vending machine for selling any product sold in stationary vending machines. This is a full-fledged store without a cashier with convenient payment and delivery functionality.
IQ-BUS V-series – a vending machine that delivers ice cream or soft drinks, as well as a variety of snacks to any point along the route. Stops on-demand or at programmed points.


Key features of the IQ-BUS V-series

  • Loading the route of the transport unit (an ordered list of reference points through which the vehicle must move, including the start and finish points).


  • Loading a global map of permeability.


  • Formation of a local cross-country map based on the combination of sensor system data when driving at speeds up to 20 km / h.


  • Updating the global passability map.


  • Building the trajectory of the vehicle, taking into account the detected static and dynamic obstacles (planned curve of movement).


  • Track record of the vehicle (actually the curve along which it was moving).


  • Unloading on request of route, trajectory, and track.


  • Unloading on request of a local cross-country map.


  • Self-diagnosis of all vehicle subsystems (charge level, tire pressure, etc.)


  • Route optimization based on collected statistics.


  • Adaptation of the timetable for the current conditions.


IQ-BUS V-series specifications

Weight – 625 kg.

Length × Width × Height – 3780 ×1185×1870 mm.

Wheelbase – 3100 mm.

Front axle width – 850 mm.

Back axle width – 970 mm.

Turning radius – 4.0. m.

Loading capacity – 660 kg.

Tire pressure – 1.5 atmosphere.

Maximum distance – 80 km.

Clearance – 110mm.

Braking distance – 6m.

Tilt angle – 25°.

Noise level – 50 dB.

Maximum speed – 24 km/h.

Reverse – 13 km/h.



67795$ – average price, which may vary depending on the configuration and functionality.










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