MyPalletizer 260 M5Stack – The Most Compact 4-Axis Robotic Arm (Dual Screen Version)




The new series – myPalletizer 4-axis robotic arm, jointly produced with M5STACK, is the world’s first fully wrapped 4-axis robot arm, with an overall Fin-less design, safety wrapping, compact and easy to bring it everywhere.

The weight of myPalletizer is 960g with a payload of 300g and a working radius of 260mm. It is specially designed for makers and STEM educators. It also has rich expansion interfaces and unlimited development possibilities. Users can explore the cutting-edge scientific and technological knowledge of robots by applying varieties of AI kits, machine vision kits, composite robots kits, etc., and share inspiring innovative thinking.


Dual-screen user interaction, Fully-wrapped

  • The robotic arm carries two display screens, which is easy to expand the interactive output of the application, and the gameplay is unlimited.
  • World’s first 4-axis full-body wrapped robotic arm, safe to use.


Fin-less design small and compact

  • The motor-removing fin-less design can easily fit your Palletizer into the backpack, this innovative design makes it stands out from other traditional education 4-axis robotic arm.


LEGO ecology, expandable compatibility

  • The patented Lego hole design is shared globally, my series hardware ecological platform concept is implemented, and the end accessories are plug-and-play.
  • Fit with all accessories of My series, implementing the concept of my series hardware ecological platform including griper, suction pump, and more, unlimited imagination.


Product myPalletizer
Model myPalletizer 260
Degree of Freedom 4
Repeatability ± 2mm
Payload 250g
Weight 960g
Working radius 260mm
Power Input 8.4 ~ 12V 5A
Motor type High precision magnetic encoder servo motor
Max speed 120°/ S
Control M5Stack Basic
Communication USB / type-C
Material Photosensitive resin SLA



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