MyAGV – Mecanum Wheels Lidar High-Precision Camera Carkit



MyAGV is jointly developed by Elephant Robotics and Huawei and produced independently. The manipulator uses mycobot and loads camera Eye-in-Hand design. myAGV adopts Mecanum wheel + lidar + high-precision camera. Control mode: autonomous navigation, handle control, keyboard control, etc.


Key features of the MyAGV

  • Omnidirectional wheel AGV

Four mecanum wheels, full package design


  • Slam lidar navigation and mapping

Real-time movement and mapping; Autonomous navigation


  • Built-in camera

It can identify and accurately locate objects


  • Smallest compound robot

It can carry up to 2 mycobot robot arms and equip with end-effectors


  • Eye-in-Hand recognition

myCobot can accurately locate and calibrate the camera and capture it in a large range


  • Various playing methods

Multiple machines can cooperate, multiple control modes and multiple robots move in real-time


  • Various ways of programming

Support ROS simulation and moveit all open source; At the same time, there are rich interfaces: Raspberry piArduinoPythonC + +


Specifications MyAGV

Model – myAGV

Size – 300x205x145mm

Weight – 3.02kg

Wheel – Mecanum wheel

Motor – Hall encoder motor

Max. speed of motor – 220 rpm/min

Moving speed – 0.9m/s

Lidar – 360 ° omnidirectional radar

Identification range – 8m

Built-in controller – Raspberry pi 4B

Built-in camera – 5M pixels

Charging voltage – 24V 1A


Sketch and navigation of slam lidar


Eye-in-hand recognition and grasping, using different end effectors


Multiple AGVs concurrent operation



The following combinations of this robot are also on sale:

MyAGV + MyCobot M5Stack by price $1,198.00

MyAGV + MyCobot-Pi by price $1,398.00


Elephant Robotics