Marscat Charger Station




MarsCat Charging Station is the charging station for MarsCat (the world’s first bionic pet cat developed by Elephant Robotics). With a minimalist design, it’s safe to keep your MarsCat energized at all times

When you receive the goods, the charging pile assemblies you receive after unpacking are shown in the figure below

Please follow the following steps to assemble the charging pile

1. Select a QR code sticker
2. Attach the QR code sticker to the position as shown in the picture

3. Insert the plug-in plate with the QR code into the charging pile base.
4. The assembled charging pile is shown in the figure.


To let MarsCat charge its battery on its own on the charging station (self-charging) and get up from there, do not place objects, which may disturb MarsCat’s activities, around the charging station.

Choose an open bright place without direct sunlight to place the charging station and avoid a place subject to high room temperatures of 35 °C (95 °F) and higher.

Do not touch the charge connector with bare hands to avoid causing a bad contact.

Do not exert force on the charging station, for example, step on or kick the charging station.

Do not allow the charging station to be exposed to water or spill any type of liquids.


Product Parameter

Power supply 8.4V.

Output voltage 8.4V.

Charging time About 4-6 hours.

Temperature 5°C-35°C. (41°F-95°F).

Size 360×100×177 (cm).

Weight 1.27kg.





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