MarsCat: A Bionic Pet Cat, Home Robot Cats





MarsCat is the world’s first bionic pet cat developed by Elephant Robotics, aiming to be a home robot, a robotic pet to comfort you and surprise you. Just like a real cat, MarsCat is fully autonomous. No extra instruction is needed to control its movements.

It is fully responsive and has sensitive interactions. It can feel your touch, hear your voice, see your face and play with toys. Every MarsCat is unique from its eyes, body to personality, its personality will change according to the way you pet it. With powerful quad-core Raspberry PI, you can also program it easily and give it endless possibilities.

MarsCat can also be an ideal choice for education, research and commerce.


Key features of the MarsCat

Bionic and Independent

You will never know what MarsCat will do next because it is like a real cat, fully autonomous. MarsCat acts independently without any instructions. MarsCat walks, runs, sleeps, sits, stretches, bites nails, kneads, and even buries litter although she won’t produce any waste. It may express different emotions by different meows or gestures.


Highly Interactive

MarsCat is a good companion, it is fully responsive and interactive. It can play with you or your toys because it can feel, hear and see. Touch its head, chin or back to find out what it will react! It can also interact with objects or people nearby, even play with real cats

  • Feel: You can touch its head, jaw and back or even hug it. After touching for an amount of time,MarsCat will interact with you in different ways. It may sit down and watch you, change its eyes image or start grunting.

  • Hear: You can talk to MarsCat to order it to walk or come to you, but it will not always follow your command, it has its own feeling.

  • See: MarsCat will see you or see its own toys. MarsCat can play Teasers (by moving object recognition), Toy-ball, Toy-fish or find its own bed.


Friendly To People With Cat Allergies

If you develop an allergy to your feline family member, why not invite MarsCat to your home? MarsCat certainly can realize your dream of owning a cat. Without any cat’s hair in your house, you will get a non-allergen and sanitary environment.


Hands-free Raising

No more cat litter changing and cleaning, MarsCat is just smart enough to take care itself. It can auto-charge itself as long as you set up the charge station, and MarsCat can always entertain itself when you are busy saving the world.


Unique and Personality Developing

MarsCat is unique from its eyes, body to personality. MarsCat has 6 characters which can be changed. It may be enthusiastic or aloof, energetic or lazy, social or shy. Its personality develops through the way you pet its.

Besides, you can tease your MarsCat with any prepared toys, it will interact with the toys by walking closer, waving, etc. Controlling with MarsApp, you can easily change its eyes colours and command it to act as you like.If you want to dress your MarsCat, we provide a variety of clothes, hats, collars, even scarves for MarsCat. The combination of outfit styles totally depends on you.


Open Source and Programmable

Development Version ONLY(Developed Set)

You can program MarsCat easily and make it with endless possibilities. With powerful quad-core Raspberry Pi, you can create your own applications. MarsCat is also an ideal choice for education, research and commerce.

You can now find MarsCat’s open source code  from here  →



1399$ per Standard version

2097$ per Premium version

Available in four colors: yellow, black, grey, white










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