IQ-BUS P-series



IQ-BUS P-series – an innovative unmanned minibus

IQ-BUS P-series autonomous passenger minibus with two opposite sofas is designed for driving in closed areas along a pre-established route.

The surroundings of the parks, transfers around the hotel complex, recreational trips in the amusement park, movement around the territory of sports facilities, all this and much more is available for the IQ-BUS P-series


Key features of the IQ-BUS P-series

  • Loading the route of the transport unit (an ordered list of reference points through which the vehicle must move, including the start and finish points).


  • Loading a global map of permeability.


  • Formation of a local cross-country map based on the combination of sensor system data when driving at speeds up to 20 km / h.


  • Updating the global passability map.


  • Building the trajectory of the vehicle, taking into account the detected static and dynamic obstacles (planned curve of movement).


  • Track record of the vehicle (actually the curve along which it was moving).


  • Unloading on request of route, trajectory, and track.


  • Unloading on request of a local cross-country map.


  • Self-diagnosis of all vehicle subsystems (charge level, tire pressure, etc.)


  • Route optimization based on collected statistics.


  • Adaptation of the timetable for the current conditions.


IQ-BUS P-series specifications

Weight – 625 kg.

Length × Width × Height – 3780 ×1185×1870 mm.

Wheelbase – 3100 mm.

Front axle width – 850 mm.

Back axle width – 970 mm.

Turning radius – 4.0 m.

Loading capacity – 660 kg.

Tire pressure – 1.5 atmosphere.

Maximum distance – 80 km.

Clearance – 110mm.

Braking distance – 6m.

Tilt angle – 25 °.

Noise level – 50 dB.

Maximum speed – 24 km/h.

Reverse – 13 km/h.



67795$ – average price, which may vary depending on the configuration and functionality.





















































































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