Puductor 2


Puductor 2 – the second generation robot disinfector from Pudu Robotics

Puductor 2 – a mobile disinfection robot designed for disinfection of closed rooms with dry fog and ultraviolet light. It has the ability to process a room with an area of 600 m2 in one working cycle. It has simple and intuitive controls and can easily maneuver and avoid obstacles in its path thanks to PUDU’s patented LASER SLAM robotic navigation solution.


  • Disinfection UV-C 180 μW / cm².


  • 360 ° disinfection.


  • Automatic system localization and navigation.


  • Maximum time disinfection 6 hours.


  • Overheating protection and low battery warning system.


  • 2.0L / h maximum spray rate, 4 spray nozzles (adjustable): According to different application scenarios, the dry mist output can be conveniently adjusted to achieve an excellent disinfection effect.


  • Tank capacity 15 l. Customers do not need to frequently fill in the disinfectant solution.


  • <10μm disinfectant particle size. Disinfectant particles <10 μm for maximum microbial control. Almost 100% disinfection coverage of the entire room allows for thorough disinfection of hard-to-reach places.


  • UV C disinfection.


  • Degree of disinfection 99.99%. Equipped with a 4 x 36 W ozone-free UV lamp, providing industry-leading ultraviolet illumination of 180 µW / cm² within 1 meter. The UV-C lamp is very effective against most types of bacteria and viruses, providing a disinfection rate of 99.99%.


  • Intelligent UV-C lamp protection, closed bulb motorized to protect the lamp while it is in operation.


  • The robot is equipped with two batteries. The total capacity of the battery is 51.2 Ah, the maximum disinfection time is up to 6 hours, which allows for disinfection up to 400 kV.


  • Safety detector for liquid level in the ultrasonic chamber, spraying will stop automatically when the liquid level is below the safe level.   In real-time, the solution reservoir liquid level guard reminds the user to refill when the liquid level is low.


  • Possibility of free movement in a space of 100,000 m². Detection range up to 40 m. Real-time positioning error less than 10 cm.


  • INTEL® REALSENSE ™ RGBD Camera. Powerful 3D perception. Precisely detects obstacles, reaction time 0.5 seconds.


  • Two operating modes: automatic and accelerated.


Puductor 2 specification

Robot dimensions – 544x538x1290mm.

The weight of the robot – 60 kg.

Battery capacity – 51.2 Ah.

The capacity of the tank for the disinfectant liquid is 15L.

Spraying speed – 0.5 – 2h / L (adjustable).

The maximum battery life – 6 hours (Changeable).

Travel speed – 0.1 – 1.2 m / s. (adjustable).

The composition of the disinfectant solution is chlorine dioxide (clo₂), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), hypochlorous acid (HClO), etc.

The maximum lifting angle of the robot is 5 °.


Package contents: Puductor 2 – charging column.


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