iBoto autonomic Tom



Autonomous mouse hunter with self-cleaning function


Key features iBoto autonomic Tom

  • I keep your house clean every day, and you remember that I am a member of your family no more than once a month. I achieve such unprecedented independence thanks to the self-cleaning station. After each cleaning, I go to the base to replenish energy, and at the same time I clean myself. Garbage and dust fall into the container of the station, namely into a replaceable bag. By the way, you will find them in the kit.


  • I have a capacious 5200 mAh battery. Now, on a single battery charge, I can easily clean a space of 250 square meters.


  • I can navigate perfectly with the help of lidar – a laser range finder. I scan space with lightning speed, remember my route and perfectly understand the transitions between rooms, so spot cleaning in the living room or in the kitchen will not come as a surprise to me. Of course, I build a map and save it in the application.


  • My cleaning skills are truly phenomenal. I perform dry and wet cleaning in sequence. Equally effectively cope with the tasks on any type of coating. For carpets, I have a turbo brush, and thanks to the power of 4000 Pa, I can easily suck up even the smallest grains of debris and pet hair.


  • I replenish my energy reserves and self-purify myself without your control. If I feel that the charge is running out, I go to the base, and after restoring my strength, I continue cleaning from where I left off earlier.


  • I report all important events in the course of completing tasks by voice in Russian. I am friends with the voice assistant Alice and easily integrate into “smart home” systems. It is most convenient to manage me from a branded mobile application. By the way, this can be done remotely from anywhere in the world. Also included is a remote control.