iBoto adorable Oliver



A robot vacuum cleaner with a charming appearance and a unique D-shaped body, which makes me the best at cleaning corners and spaces along walls on hard floors.


Key features iBoto adorable Oliver

  • Compact – only 7.5 cm at the withers, and my diameter does not exceed 30 cm. Thanks to this shape of the body and small dimensions, I am better than many at cleaning along the walls and corners of rooms, and I also don’t mind refreshing the space under the wardrobe and bed. I am most adept at dry and wet cleaning of hard floors.


  • A high-precision gyroscope is responsible for my sharp vision. Thanks to him, I perfectly navigate in space, build and save a map, as well as detailed reports on the cleaning done.


  • You can configure important functions in the mobile application on your smartphone. There you can also adjust the suction power, select the desired cleaning mode, set a timer to automatically complete the task on certain days and times. Also, the setting of all my basic abilities can be done using the remote control. I also perfectly understand the commands of voice assistants and easily find a common language in the Smart Home ecosystem from Tuya Smart.


  • I have separate trash and water bins so I can dry and wet mop at the same time.


  • I am equipped with many sensors, including one that protects me from collisions and falls. I can overcome obstacles up to 1.5 cm high, and when the battery level is low, I will go to the base on my own to replenish my strength.