AgroBot – autopilot system for agricultural machinery

The first commercial appearance of drones is expected precisely in the field of agriculture. Thanks to robotic technology, farms can significantly increase their profitability. At the moment, for example, the combine works on average six hours a day, and the rest of the time is idle. Unmanned tractors and combines work in the field 24 hours a day. They are not disturbed by poor visibility conditions, rain or fog does not bother them, and even at night, an unmanned tractor is able to process, mow, and harvest crops as efficiently as during the day.

The AgroBot project is a system for autopiloting agricultural machinery. This solution allows you to automate a significant part of fieldwork, making them faster and more accurate, eliminating the human factor.

The control system underlying AgroBot is universal and can be installed on any special equipment or tractor. Electronics, antennas, sensors, and auxiliary equipment of “AgroBot” are located on a special case, which is installed instead of the usual cabin on a new or existing base. AgroBot’s computer transmits information from the dispatch center to the central computer, which can control the simultaneous operation of several dozen pieces of equipment at once.


Key features of the AgroBot

  • Works 24/7, which increases the efficiency of using agricultural machinery.


  • Allows reducing the costs of farmers and agricultural holdings for fuel.


  • Optimizes the cost of maintaining equipment.


  • Increases yields, and also contributes to the development of agricultural land located in areas remote from infrastructure and in difficult climatic conditions.


  • Versatility, modularity, platform independence.


  • Ability to check and debug on a virtual training ground.


  • Support for any type of sensor and executive systems, both Russian and foreign production.


  • A wide basic set of work scenarios.


  • Autonomous control in difficult conditions (night, smoke, etc.)


  • Portable remote control panel and task setting. Can be used to control multiple robots.


  • On-Line dispatch center for control of unmanned vehicles and management of agricultural processes.


Notes: The package includes only the AgroBot control system, its installation, and support, you will have to buy the tractor yourself.


Avrora Robotics