BeeHome – robotic BeeHive

BeeHome is an artificial-­intelligence-powered beehive. Using precision robotics, computer vision and AI, a Beehome — which costs $15 a month and might host 2 million bees — monitors the insects 24/7. When a hive is exposed to parasites or experiences irregular temperatures, its internal systems respond immediately by applying pesticides. Use of the smart technology can double pollination capacity and honey production, while decreasing colonies’ mortality rate.

How it works


The solar powered BeeHome is placed in the field, populated with your bees.


The robot within BeeHome takes care of your bees in real-time — sunshine or rain.

Controlled from Afar

Access vital data and remotely manage hives as if you were working hands-on.


Beehome is an artificial-­intelligence-powered beehive from BeeWise.

We completely redesigned the beehive with today’s technology.

Autonomous swarm prevention

Beehomes use A.I. to identify when a colony could be preparing to swarm and automatically prevents this event by adjusting conditions. Beekeepers can rest assured that the Beehome has their colonies stay put while they focus on other responsibilities.

Climate & Humidity control

Beehomes control the elements within the hive. Never worry about it being too hot or too cold for your bees. Humidity within the hive is an issue of the past; through efficient climate & humidity control, we optimize the climate so bees don’t have to.

Automated harvesting

Beehomes detect frames that are ready to be harvested and harvest them within the Beehome. Once a container of honey reaches capacity (100 gallons), we alert you to come and empty it — making the process clean and efficient.

Pest Control

Beehomes don’t let Varroa overstay their welcome. They constantly monitor pests within the hive and apply non-chemical treatment where needed, in real-time. The result is a significant reduction in infection, infestation, and annual colony loss — while being chemical-free.

Real-time Problem alerts

Beehomes keep a close eye on the upkeep of your hives. They automatically and autonomously handle most issues associated with supporting colonies. However, if problems arise that require attention, Beehome provides alerts in real-time so you can intervene.


Beehome is not for sale, it can only be rented, leave a request to contact us about the price of renting a robot.