Pudu Robotics has announced a new line of 3+X robots!

We are not only releasing a few new standalone products, but also hope to bring new solutions to the industry. The comprehensive upgrade of our products and technology in 2022 also marks the beginning of the Pudu Robot 2.0 era. In addition to the existing delivery robots, we will carry on expanding the product line of cleaning robots. We will also keep on refining new products in line with industry best practices across different service scenarios, to promote the in-depth integration and innovation of AI in commercial service robots.

SwiftBot is a versatile delivery robot that reduces human-robot road congestion by 50% and increases machine running speed by 30% in restaurants. PUDU A1, the first composite robot in the restaurant business, and PUDU D1, the first quadruped delivery robot, open up new possibilities of robot applications across various restaurants and commercial environments.

As the company enters the Pudu Robot 2.0 era and expands its product application areas gradually from catering to buildings, healthcare, cleaning, and other fields, Pudu Robotics has set a larger goal of providing overall delivery, cleaning, marketing, and other comprehensive solutions to more sectors, continuing its mission of using robots to improve the efficiency of human production and living.



While available only on pre-order

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