MyPalletizer – The Most Compact 4-Axis Robotic Arm



The new series – myPalletizer 4-axis robotic arm, jointly produced with M5STACK, is the world’s first fully wrapped 4-axis robot arm, with an overall Fin-less design, safety wrapping, compact and easy to bring it everywhere.

The weight of myPalletizer is 960g with a payload of 300g and a working radius of 260mm. It is specially designed for makers and STEM educators. It also has rich expansion interfaces and unlimited development possibilities. Users can explore the cutting-edge scientific and technological knowledge of robots by applying varieties of AI kits, machine vision kits, composite robots kits, etc., and share inspiring innovative thinking.

Key features of the MyPalletizer

  • Dual-screen user interaction, Fully-wrapped


  • World’s first 4-axis full-body wrapped robotic arm, safe to use.


  • Fin-less design small and compact

The motor-removing fin-less design can easily fit your Palletizer into the backpack, this innovative design makes it stands out from other traditional education 4-axis robotic arm.


  • LEGO ecology, expandable compatibility

Fit with all accessories of My series, implementing the concept of my series hardware ecological platform including griper, suction pump, and more, unlimited imagination.


  • Multiple software and API, compatible with ROS

Various API compatibility Supporting ROS/Moveit, Python, Roboflow, from entry-level teach by demonstrations, graphical programming to industrial application, with one Palletizer you can Implement all your ideas.


  • Robotic kit available, easy to build-up

Robotics kits including Artificial Intelligence kit, machine vision kit, Compound robots kit, etc., leading the cutting-edge of science and technology.


Specifications MyPalletizer 

Degree of Freedom – 4

Repeatability – ± 0.5mm

Payload – 300g

Weight – 960g

Working radius  – 260mm

Power Input – 8 ~ 12V 5A

Motor type – High precision magnetic encoder servo motor

Max speed – 120°/ S

Control – M5Stack Basic

Communication – USB / type-C

Material – Photosensitive resin SLA


Use cases MyPalletizer 

Intelligent palletizing

  • Simulate industrial robot arms, realize multiple palletizing applications, build your own mini smart warehouse, and realize more innovative thinking.

Recognition and grabbing

  • The perfect combination of robotic arm and art creates unlimited possibilities.

Writing, drawing, and touching

  • Continuously print out photos, the perfect combination of artistic creation and robot.

Compound robot

  • Compound robots with AGVs, allow working space to be fully expanded, enabling the completion of more tasks.




Also in stock:

MyPalletizer – Camera Flange – $99.00

MyPalletizer – G Shape Base – $49.99

MyPalletizer – Adaptive Gripper – $99.99

MyPalletizer – Suction Pump – $129.90


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