MyCobot 280 M5Stack 6 DOF Collaborative Robot (Dual Screen Version)



MyCobot is the smallest and lightest six-axis collaborative robot in the world, jointly developed by Elephant Robotics and M5Stack. The robot arm is full of imagination and creativity and can be developed according to the needs of users to achieve DIY goals, making it a perfect collaborative robot for education and research.



  • Unique industrial design and extremely compact

MyCobot adopts an integrated modular design and weighs only 850 grams, which is light and compact. The overall structure of the mechanical arm is simple and stylish, with few spare parts, and can be quickly disassembled and replaced.

  • High configuration and equipped with 2 screens

MyCobot contains 6 high-performance servo motors with fast response, small inertia, and smooth rotation. The cobot carries 2 display screens supporting the fasted library to show the expanded application scene more easily and clearly.

  • Blockly Programming & Supporting Industrial ROS

Using UIFlow visual programming software, programming myCobot is simple and easy for everyone. You can also use RoboFlow, software of industrial robots from Elephant Robotics, supporting multiple functional modules Arduino + ROS open-source system.


Track Recording & Learn by hand

Get rid of the traditional point saving mode, myCobot supports drag trial teaching to record the saved track and can save up to 60mins different Tracks making it easy and fun for beginners to learn robotic arms.



How to control myCobot M5?

  • Learn by Hand: Get rid of the traditional point saving mode, myCobot supports drag trial teaching to record the saved track and saves up to 60mins different tracks making it easy and fun for new players to learn.
  • You can use the digital pins on the robot to make it communicate with other devices, for example, Arduino (tutorial)
  • With Myblockly, our free desktop application, Mind+ or UiFlow, uses blocks to create your own robotic programs. Based on Blockly (similar to Scratch), our visual programming interface allows you to quickly and easily create robotic programs without any prior programming knowledge. You can also use RoboFlow, our software of industrial robots.
  • Advanced Users: develop your own controller (use a computer mouse, a keyboard, a game controller or Leap Motion to control myCobot according to your preferences and needs), use our API (PythonC++C#Javascript) to control myCobot directly or remotely or dive directly into the ROS code, which is open-source.


Specifications MyCobot 280 M5Stack

Degree of Freedom – 6

Payload – 250g

Arm span – 350mm

Working radius – 280mm

Repeatability – ±0.5mm

Weight – 850g

Power Input – 8V, 5A

Material – Industrial Nylon

Working Condition – -5°~45°

Communication – USB Type-C



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