iBoto tiny Tucker



Reliable, extremely easy to use, and the smallest robot vacuum in the iBoto line. I confidently maintain cleanliness and freshness on any type of coating in small spaces.


Key features iBoto tiny Tucker

  • I have excellent cross-country ability – I pass through sills up to 1.5 cm high without even noticing them, and my ultra-compact dimensions – 31 cm in diameter and only 6.5 cm at the withers allow me to drive into even the narrowest spaces under beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers and other furniture, where the pipe of an ordinary vacuum cleaner so rarely steps.


  • In all these places, I gladly clean up – I remove dust, collect large debris, suck up hair and wool, elegantly winding some of them around my advanced turbo brush. Don’t be afraid, you won’t have to clean it very often, and it’s easier than ever to do it with special devices that you will find in the kit.


  • The water container is equipped with a solenoid valve that controls the flow of water. Yes, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. And to achieve maximum cleanliness, I recommend that you occasionally rinse my microfiber cloth under running water.


  • It’s not hard to manage me. I am equipped with remote control with which you can easily customize all my skills. For example, program cleaning on certain days and times, increase suction power, or select the appropriate operating mode: automatic; point; along the perimeter; or at maximum power.


  • I navigate in space with the help of a high-precision gyroscope. I don’t build a room map, but I always choose the best route for quick and efficient cleaning.