iBoto classical Buddy



One of the oldest and time-tested robot vacuum cleaners in the iBoto line!


Key features iBoto classical Buddy

  • I weigh only 1.9 kg, I’m just over 8 cm tall, and the body diameter does not exceed 30 cm. I have excellent suction power, so I’m great at picking up dust, hair, large particles, and animal hair. I can even get garbage out of deep cracks between the floorboards.


  • More than anything, I love cleaning hard floors. I also clean carpets, but not as effective because I don’t have a turbo brush, but that’s why caring for me is a real pleasure: just empty the trash containers and fill them with water for wet cleaning. I’ll do the rest myself!


  • You can be sure that I will not fall anywhere because I am full of altitude sensors. I also skillfully overcome the thresholds and any other obstacles up to 1.5 cm high.


  • My battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh is more than enough to clean a space up to 60 m2. When the battery level is low, I automatically go to the base to recharge.


  • Managing me is easy! Remote control included with all settings. You can program me to clean on certain days and times, for example, while you are at work, I will be happy to prepare the apartment for your return.