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Types of Robot Control System

Types of Robot Control System

Types of Robot Control System

The introduction of robots into the functioning of industrial enterprises is gaining more and more prevalence. A few years ago, it was something new and mysterious, and entrepreneurs did not risk integrating such systems into their work. And today – far-sighted businessmen compete with each other in this aspect and are trying to more and more robotic processes. Despite the massive investment, the introduction of robots quickly pays for itself in increased productivity and product quality. Many routine operations that used to take a long time and lead to defects can be automated using robots and performed faster. Due to the high level of development of this industry, entrepreneurs are not afraid of the process of integrating an industrial robot control system. After all, these are modern, thought out to the smallest detail, functional, reliable devices that become an integral part of business processes.

Different types of control systems

The most general classification of robot control systems distinguishes the following types – programmatic, adaptive control, through grouped in the following directions:

  • Cyclic systems – set a sequence of movements from the start position to the end. They do not regulate movement along each of the axes, but only determine the sequence of movements and long stops at points;
  • Positional systems include intermediate points instead of start and endpoints. In such systems, not only the simplest tasks of moving and taking objects are realized, but also more complex ones. The robots can operate in learning mode, manual and automatic. In the current technological process, the device works automatically;
  • Loop systems have closed-loop servo drive control systems. Such movements are performed during arc welding, paint application on complex, uneven coatings, and assembly work.

In the modern development of robots, effective solutions have been implemented that replace heavy and lengthy manual labor, minimizing errors and failures.

Convenient control of robotic systems

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