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The TWIN platform raised 120 million rubles from the VOXYS startup incubator

The TWIN platform raised 120 million rubles from the VOXYS startup incubator

The Russian company TWIN, a developer of automated communications based on voice and chat bots, has attracted 120 million rubles of investments from the international communications center VOXYS to develop the product in Russia and strengthen its position in foreign markets. During the transaction, 14.4% of TWIN was acquired by VOXYS.

In 2021-22, TWIN predicts a two-fold increase in revenue from the sale of voice technologies in Russia, as well as strengthening its position in foreign markets: the company is preparing to enter the markets of Asia, Europe, and New Zealand. TWIN already has sales in the US and Vietnam.

The Twin platform enables a wide variety of companies to achieve improved communication performance and customer satisfaction. Platform solutions based on voice and chat bots have already shown their potential in working not only with VOXYS contact centers, but also with the Uralsib insurance company, with the Utkonos Online online retailer and the 2GIS service.

“The investment in TWIN is the first in a series of seed investments created on the basis of VOXYS business incubator. Today we have more than a hundred projects in the funnel. We are constantly discussing investment options at an early stage with teams developing promising IT products in the field of CX digitalization, EdTech, and recruiting,” says Alexey Mosunov, CEO of VOXYS.

“Today, real innovation is not only in technical solutions, but also in a unique customer experience. We are very pleased that our position is shared by colleagues from VOXYS, who are just as confident in our product as we are. The funds received will be used to improve the AI ​​part of our product, increase the staff, consolidate the company in the Russian and international markets and improve the service for each of the clients,” comments Igor Kalinin, founder and CEO of TWIN.

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