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Tesla unveils fleet of new ‘Tesla Semi’ electric trucks

Tesla unveils fleet of new ‘Tesla Semi’ electric trucks

Tesla has quietly unveiled a fleet of new ‘Tesla Semi’ electric trucks as part of its new financial result report.

Yet, there’s no word on the status of production and customer deliveries.

The situation around the Tesla Semi has been unclear over the last few months.

The electric truck has already been delayed several times, as it was originally supposed to be delivered in 2019.

While Tesla has been making progress toward bringing its electric semi-truck to low-volume production in Nevada, the automaker confirmed last year that customer deliveries of the Tesla Semi are pushed to 2022.

Some new prototypes have been spotted around Gigafactory Nevada over the last few months, and the CEO of Pepsico even said that he was expecting to get his first few Tesla Semi trucks by the end of the year.

That didn’t happen, but the first deliveries could be imminent.

Tesla surprisingly didn’t comment on the status of Tesla Semi production in its earnings report today, but it did release a new image of a small fleet of four brand new units.

This is the most Tesla Semi trucks that we have seen at the same place ever.

They appear to be parked at Tesla’s new Megacharger station at Gigafactory Nevada, where the automaker has deployed some low-volume production capacity.

While Tesla didn’t comment on the status of the vehicle program in the earnings report, the company could comment on it in the following conference call.

Shareholders are going to be looking at an update on the production specs, pricing, and a better look at the production ramp, which is going to be needed to start making a dent in the long backlog of orders.

Source: Electrek

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