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SpaceX 3D prints building extension at Texas Starbase

SpaceX 3D prints building extension at Texas Starbase

Construction 3D printing blogger Jarett Gross, who has collaborated with 3dpbm in the past, just published a new video where he exclusively reveals the first concrete 3D printed building by SpaceX, using Apis Cor technology. It is a rather basic addition to a SpaceX community building called The Hub but it’s at SpaceX’s Starbase facility so that does make it quite exciting.

Apis Cor recently revealed it is currently working on the first and only 3D printed home (project) to participate and win an award in a Space Coast Parade of Homes. Apis Cor designed Impreza as the inaugural 3D-printed home to be built on the Space Coast. Honoring the foundation of the Aerospace, Technology, and Defense industries based in this area. This project may have attracted SpaceX’s attention from the company’s Space Coast HQ in Hawthorne, California.

We do know that SpaceX has invested in Velo3D, and its metal 3D printers for rocket production, and that both NASA and the ESA have extensively tested construction 3D printing technologies for interplanetary construction. Until today, however, SpaceX had shown no interest in testing construction 3D printing for its Mars colonization projects. This relatively small development does not mean that Musk is considering 3D printing habitable structures on Mars but it does mean he and his teams are aware of the technology’s basic capabilities.

As some would say: a small step for SpaceX, and a giant step for construction 3D printing.

For the latest company updates, 3D-printing educational and training opportunities, or to view some of the 3D-printing technology, visit the world’s first showroom for 3D-printed homes online. Or follow Apis Cor on social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter.

Founded in 2016 by Nikita and Anna Cheniuntai, Apis Cor is an American technology corporation headquartered in Melbourne, Florida that develops advanced technologies and materials for construction 3D printing. The company holds the Guinness Book World Record for the Largest 3D-Printed Building on Earth and is proud to be a resident of the Autodesk Technology Centers Outsight Network. A successful participant in NASA’s “3D Printed Habitat Challenge” – Apis Cor was awarded top honors in several categories. Apis Cor is backed by Alchemist Accelerator, the premier accelerator for Enterprise startups, and At One Ventures, a VC and private equity firm which supports deep tech ventures that are a net positive to nature and the planet. Learn more about 3D-printing construction technology at: and check them out on our marketplace!

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