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Moskabelmet Group increased production efficiency by 10 percent after installing Aripix Robotics robots

Moskabelmet Group increased production efficiency by 10 percent after installing Aripix Robotics robots

In 2021, the Moscow cable manufacturer Moskabelmet Group increased production efficiency by 10 percent after installing robots from the Moscow developer Aripix Robotics. This was announced by the head of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow, which is part of the Complex of Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations of the Capital, Alexander Prokhorov.
“More than 13.6 thousand people today work at 140 enterprises in the engineering industry. In 2021, they managed to sell their products for 148 billion rubles, which is 39.1 percent more than in the same period last year. Many companies in this sector also offer solutions for industrial companies. One of them is the manufacturer of industrial robots Aripix Robotics. Thanks to the company’s products, the productivity of industrial enterprises can increase by an average of 25 percent. For example, in 2021, a Moscow cable manufacturer has already managed to increase production efficiency by 10 percent by replacing 13 people with robots, removing them from production sites that are harmful to health,” Alexander Prokhorov added.

The leader in the production of cable and wire products in Russia, Moskabelmet Group of Companies and Aripix Robotics, a Russian manufacturer of industrial robotic arms, have been cooperating since 2019. The first Aripix A1 robotic manipulators appeared in production in 2020, they replaced 4 workers at the site for loading 35 kg lead ingots into the smelting furnace.

In 2021, two more robotic assistants were put into operation, which replaced 6 workers at the site for loading 30 kg of aluminum ingots into presses. Robots work 24/7, loading up to 50 tons of metal per day. Thus, the productivity of the site increased by 15%.

“We have transferred employees who were replaced by robots to other areas of production and no longer endanger them. During the year, all three Aripix A1 manipulators worked stably. The production process has accelerated, we have reduced the number of downtime due to the human factor and the rejection rate, thanks to the uninterrupted uniform flow of raw materials into the presses and the furnace. Aripix A1 robots perfectly “worked together” with other automated systems in our production, which made it possible to increase their productivity. In general, productivity increased by 10%, and we still have to evaluate the full economic effect of production robotization,” said Pavel Moryakov, General Director of Moskabelmet Group of Companies.

So, at the end of 2021, another robot, the console type Aripix D1, was put into pilot operation. An assistant places the cable into the baskets with an accuracy of 5 mm and prevents it from twisting. At the same time, it works without interruption, laying up to 8 km of cable per day. This is 20% more than the 3 workers who were replaced by the robot.

“These two years of work with the Moskabelmet Group of Companies have become very fruitful for the Aripix Robotics team. In search of the best technical solutions to fulfill production tasks, we have made several unique developments and are preparing to patent them. For example, we created several complex grippers, an artificial intelligence machine vision system, and connected all robots to remote monitoring with the ability to track via Telegram Bot,” said Andrey Spiridonov, CEO of Aripix Robotics.

This example clearly shows how automation of production can make life and work much easier.
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Demonstration work Aripix Robotics on Moskabelmet

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