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Apis-Cor starting attracting investment

Apis-Cor starting attracting investment

Hello Apis Cor Community!

Efficient Housing Development!

Labor and material shortages are two major concerns contributing to many people’s inability to buy a home. Apis Cor’s innovation can help keep quality homes inexpensive, and 3D printing is an extremely encouraging solution!

Our 3D printing technology creates more robust, energy-efficient homes faster than traditional construction methods, with less waste and greater design freedom — allowing construction projects to stay on schedule and within budget.

Apis Cor’s mission is to assist in resolving the worldwide housing crisis and to put our technology to work for the greater good of the planet!

Modern 3D Printed Homes Made for You

Apis Cor is thrilled to announce that bookings for 3D printed homes in our home state of Florida and throughout the continental United States are now being accepted! Choose from one of Apis Cor’s standard designs or create your own. 

Apis Cor technology enables the creation of virtually any design. There are no square footage restrictions, curved or contoured walls, and even two-story buildings can be printed easily.

​This seems like a dream, doesn’t it? It has finally become a reality. Apis Cor is now accepting reservations from those interested in a 3D-printed Apis Cor house!

We are now accepting reservations exclusively through August 2022. Don’t miss this opportunity to live in a personalized, 3D Printed home.

More Questions? We’re All Ears!

Feel free to visit our contact page on our website for any questions or concerns! Spread the word to your friends, family, and network about becoming an early shareholder today!

Invest in Apis-Cor!

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